• Upton House – 1920 (#7) Historic Building | National Historic Register

    Built by one of Wickenburg’s prominent families, Mr. and Mrs. George Upton. They lived here with their family. Later their son Eugene and his wife resided here un- til the late 40s. Note the leaf designed block walls that were manufactured locally.

  • Jones Pharmacy – 1918 (#5) Historic Building

    The Wickenburg Drug Company first occupied this building at the corner of Apache and Frontier Streets and was followed by Jones’ Pharmacy. This building with its molded cement blocks housed Valley National Bank / Bank One from 1946-1995.

  • Hyder’s Livery Stable – 1890 (#6) Historic Building

    This rock wall building was used as a livery stable until the 1920s. The buildings behind the stable and those facing Tegner Street were all built by Mr. Charles Hyder and still stand behind their modern fronts. As cars replaced horses, the livery stable and the corner building became a garage and dealership. Note the angle of the corner building’s entrance where there were gas pumps. The building which now houses several stores on Tegner Street was originally a blacksmith shop: see red brick wall at rear.

  • Hotel Owner (#8) Scuplture

    African American Business Woman Elizabeth Smith is outside the Vernetta Hotel. Located at corner of Frontier Street and Yavapai Street at the Hassayampa Building.

  • Hassayampa Building (#9) Historic Building | National Historic Register

    The Vernetta Hotel was originally a hotel specifically built to serve over- night railroad passengers and early day tourists to the Wickenburg area and Castle Hot Springs. Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, a black businesswoman from the East, contracted one of Arizona’s finest architects at that time, Mr. James Creighton, to design and build the hotel. The building was heated by nine fireplaces, has a community kitchen and an outdoor barbecue area. Now known as the Hassayampa Building, it contains offices for Remuda Ranch.

  • Everett Bowman (#25) Sculpture

    World Champion All Around Cowboy, Charles Everett Bowman was born July 12, 1899 in Hope, New Mexico. He was instrumental in organizing the Rodeo Cowboy’s Association, today the Professional Rodeo Cowboy’s Association or PRCA, and was elected to the Cowboy Hall of fame in 1977. The sculpture is by Clyde “Ross” Morgan.