• The Santa Fe Depot – 1895 (#1) Historic Building | National Historic Register

    This station was acquired by the Town of Wickenburg from the Santa Fe Railroad in 1984. It was restored and dedicated as the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce in 1987. The Chamber maintains the Depot as Wickenburg’s Official Visitor’s Center.

  • Teacher with Luggage (#2) Sculpture

    Standing near train after disembarking. Adjacent to the Chamber of Commerce on Frontier Street.

  • Railroad Engine No. 761 and Drover Caboose (#3) Attraction

    A.T. and Santa Fe Railroad Engine No. 761 is one of the work- horses of the main line built in 1890. The 1900 Series Southern Pacific Drover Caboose was purchased by the Wellik Foundation in June 2003. The railroad line behind the Chamber of Commerce is called the “Peavine Line”, and built in 1893 from Phoenix to Prescott.

  • Old Brick Post Office – 1930 (#4) Historic Building | National Historic Register

    Before the time of the covered sidewalks a single window served the people arriving on horseback to get their mail. This may have been the forerunner of the drive-in window.

  • Helm Barber Shop – 1910 (#10) Historic Building

    A real need in the Old West among the miners and ranch hands was provided in this barber and bath shop.

  • Santa Fe Section House – 1925 (#31) Historic Building | National Historic Register

    During this era the railroad was divided into sections. The foreman and the workers who maintained the tracks in these sections were provided lodging. This was the section foreman’s home for the area. Located on North Frontier Street.